Thursday, 14 October 2010

Twarrow results

Ooops. A couple of days late but I'm sure none of you will mind.
Results as follows (remember that a couple of these are fairly subjective and it's a bit of fun!)

Congratulations to all who took part

Winner in the Weight category is @Allotment_Man with a whopping 6100g
Winner in the Length category is @Allotment_Man with 55cm
Winner in the Girth category @AllotmentAli with 45.72cm
Winner in the Attractiveness category @NorfolkKitchen (Her photos were lovely)
Winner in the Funniest Category @SmallCurator

There you go, I hope it was worth the effort. Email or DM your address and your prize preference which in keeping with the #localfood theme is locally produced real ale or local honey and I'll make sure they get out to you.


Monday, 16 August 2010

First Entry - Setting the bar high

Drum roll please ......
Our first entry in three categories is Tracey @NorfolkKitchen with a stunning courgette entry.
Longest Cougette at 51.5cm
Widest Cougette at 37.5cm
Heaviest at 6lb

I feel a spreadsheet coming on!

Update - I did a rough and ready spreadsheet at

If you wish to enter your own results (verifiied with a twittered photo) then please feel free. Elsewise, twitter your results with the hashtag #twarrow and maybe, just to be on the safe side email them through to

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Competition Time

Pondering on last years mammoth courgettes and looking at this years ones heading in a similar fashion I thought maybe we, the green fingered people of twitter should maybe have some fun and have a little competition.

Now, considering that we are scattered to the various ends of the planet I am assuming that meeting up will be impractical, I therefore suggest that we go for looks, weight, girth and length as judging criteria, all of which can be verified by a quick photo or video posted to twitpic or flickr (where we could form a group) or some such place. There will be an element of trust but I think we're all trustworthy people (except of course you, yes you know who you are ;-) and as the prizes will be of relatively low value to cheat would be nonsensical! It's just a bit of fun but maybe a picture of the marrow/courgette on the plant may be a good idea too, we wouldn't want you nipping off to Sainbos to pick up your prize winner would we!? As I will be entering courgettes I think it's only fair that we allow mammoth ones (or I'll take me ball home!)

Suggested Judging Criteria
  • Heaviest
  • Fattest (girth at fattest point)
  • Longest (measured with string to account for curvature?)
  • Most attractive (a bit subjective)
  • Funniest (even more subjective)
  • Overall winner (HxWxG)
To sign up either tweet me @loiscarter with the hashtag, leave a comment below or email

Timeframe? I suggest:
  • sign up by 14th August
  • submit measurements and post pictures/video by 31st September
  • judging completed by 9th October
  • Winners published by 12th October
What do you think?

BTW we have settled on #twarrow as a hashtag

Update - Sign up period extended to end of August :-)