Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Competition Time

Pondering on last years mammoth courgettes and looking at this years ones heading in a similar fashion I thought maybe we, the green fingered people of twitter should maybe have some fun and have a little competition.

Now, considering that we are scattered to the various ends of the planet I am assuming that meeting up will be impractical, I therefore suggest that we go for looks, weight, girth and length as judging criteria, all of which can be verified by a quick photo or video posted to twitpic or flickr (where we could form a group) or some such place. There will be an element of trust but I think we're all trustworthy people (except of course you, yes you know who you are ;-) and as the prizes will be of relatively low value to cheat would be nonsensical! It's just a bit of fun but maybe a picture of the marrow/courgette on the plant may be a good idea too, we wouldn't want you nipping off to Sainbos to pick up your prize winner would we!? As I will be entering courgettes I think it's only fair that we allow mammoth ones (or I'll take me ball home!)

Suggested Judging Criteria
  • Heaviest
  • Fattest (girth at fattest point)
  • Longest (measured with string to account for curvature?)
  • Most attractive (a bit subjective)
  • Funniest (even more subjective)
  • Overall winner (HxWxG)
To sign up either tweet me @loiscarter with the hashtag, leave a comment below or email

Timeframe? I suggest:
  • sign up by 14th August
  • submit measurements and post pictures/video by 31st September
  • judging completed by 9th October
  • Winners published by 12th October
What do you think?

BTW we have settled on #twarrow as a hashtag

Update - Sign up period extended to end of August :-)


  1. Brilliant - count me in and thanks for organising! It's gonna be such a scream.

  2. I'm measuring my monsters right now!