Thursday, 14 October 2010

Twarrow results

Ooops. A couple of days late but I'm sure none of you will mind.
Results as follows (remember that a couple of these are fairly subjective and it's a bit of fun!)

Congratulations to all who took part

Winner in the Weight category is @Allotment_Man with a whopping 6100g
Winner in the Length category is @Allotment_Man with 55cm
Winner in the Girth category @AllotmentAli with 45.72cm
Winner in the Attractiveness category @NorfolkKitchen (Her photos were lovely)
Winner in the Funniest Category @SmallCurator

There you go, I hope it was worth the effort. Email or DM your address and your prize preference which in keeping with the #localfood theme is locally produced real ale or local honey and I'll make sure they get out to you.