Thursday, 14 October 2010

Twarrow results

Ooops. A couple of days late but I'm sure none of you will mind.
Results as follows (remember that a couple of these are fairly subjective and it's a bit of fun!)

Congratulations to all who took part

Winner in the Weight category is @Allotment_Man with a whopping 6100g
Winner in the Length category is @Allotment_Man with 55cm
Winner in the Girth category @AllotmentAli with 45.72cm
Winner in the Attractiveness category @NorfolkKitchen (Her photos were lovely)
Winner in the Funniest Category @SmallCurator

There you go, I hope it was worth the effort. Email or DM your address and your prize preference which in keeping with the #localfood theme is locally produced real ale or local honey and I'll make sure they get out to you.



  1. Glad you think my courgettes were attractive! And boooo to Allotment Man for pipping me to the post! Though having a 6 kilo courgette is punishment enough I feel .....